Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive package is available to students following the completion of their sophomore year in high school and is designed to guide them through every aspect of the college application process. It starts with an assessment of the student’s interests, strengths, needs, and goals, followed by a review of their transcripts and recommendations for future course selections. We evaluate and provide advice on extracurricular activities, plan for standardized tests, and assist in selecting summer programs and activities that will enhance the student’s profile. Preparing for campus visits and building a tailored college list are crucial steps in our process, alongside creating a detailed timeline for the application journey. We also offer planning for letters of recommendation and the development of strong applications. Students will also receive preparation for interviews, insights into demystifying financial aid, assistance in deciding among admission and financial aid offers, strategies for dealing with waitlist situations, and considerations for planning a gap year, which is available for an additional fee. This package ensures a thorough and personalized approach to navigating the college admissions landscape.