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About Seanda Bartlett

Seanda Bartlett is a seasoned professional with 17 years of experience in academia, whose journey in the educational field was ignited by personally guiding her three sons through the complex maze of college applications and the financial aid processes. Her expertise is rooted in her academic background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management, a Master’s in Guidance and Counseling, and a Master of Education.

Seanda’s career is marked by her significant contribution to Nantucket High School, where she developed and managed a career center. Her role involved educating students of all high school grades about the intricacies of college and career exploration, showcasing her commitment to student development.

At the heart of her career is a profound passion for assisting students in finding the ideal college that not only meets their academic needs but also fosters their personal growth and development, while challenging them at the same time. Seanda’s approach is student-centered, focusing on helping each individual thrive in an environment that best suits their unique talents and aspirations. Her extensive experience and dedication make her an invaluable guide and mentor in the journey towards higher education.