Premier Comprehensive Package

Our Premier Comprehensive Package extends our full suite of college counseling services to include freshmen and sophomores, ensuring students benefit from our expert guidance right from the start of their high school journey. This package incorporates all the components of our standard comprehensive package beginning in the freshman year, offering an even more in-depth and extended support system. It covers assessing the student’s interests, strengths, needs, and goals, transcript review and course selection recommendations, extracurricular activity evaluation and advice, standardized test planning, summer program and activity selection, campus visit preparation, college list building, application process timeline creation, planning for letters of recommendation, and strong application development. Additionally, it includes interview preparation, demystifying financial aid, assistance with admission and financial aid offers, waitlist strategy development, and gap year considerations. Starting as early as freshman year, this premier package is designed to give students a significant advantage in the competitive college admission process by providing early, continuous, and comprehensive support tailored to each student’s unique journey.